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How Sponsorship Work

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How Sponsorship Works

Our sponsorship program started in 2013 with donations from Port Orchard Rotary Club, WA, Rotarian Bob and Chris Cairns, Rotarian Cindy McGregor of Bainbridge Island Rotary Club, UW Rotaract Club, Mrs. Terry McKenzie, Mrs. Mary Masyuko of American Embassy in Nairobi and David Mathu.


  1. The procedures for the selection of scholarship beneficiaries.
  2. Selection of scholarship beneficiaries shall always be subject to the availability of funds.
  3. Selection interviews for the scholarship must be set after the national examination has been released.
  4. The scholarship applicants must present their national examination results at the time of interview.
  5. The selection interviews panel must be conducted by at least 2 people.
  6. The final selection must be done by at least 3 people including 2 Directors unless other staffs are delegated by directors.
  7. The scholarship must be awarded based on merit of need, performance, gender sensitivity and area/county of operation.
  8. The selection shall be done based on availability of funds for at least 2 years for high school and full course fees for University unless partial. Refer to the scholarship manual policy.
  9. Selectees are identified through series of interviews, family visitations and upon recommendations from tribal Chiefs on family need.
  10. Most finalists are orphans and poor.
  11. The 4 years’ scholarship program gives them hope, family in HAO and mentorship that eventually transform their lives.

Hifadhi Africa offers you three ways to sponsor children in need:

1. Primary School Sponsorship Program ($36 a month) – Educate a child living with impoverished parents. Your support will help provide academic materials, uniform and shoes.

2. High School Sponsorship Program ($50 a month) – Sponsor an orphaned or underprivileged child joining Secondary school. This support will cover tuition fees, academic materials, uniforms, shoes, beddings, personal need (Sanitary Pads, Soaps, Plates, and Tooth Pastes) and transport.

3. University/Vocational Sponsorship Program ($325 a month) – Sponsor a student’s education and give them the opportunity to transform a community.