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  • Royal Plaza 5th Floor, Suite 502. Kamiti Rd. Off Thika Road
  • 0771 587 762

Benefits for Donors

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Help Transform a Life

One of the founding goals of Hifadhi Africa was to fight poverty through education. We believe that surest way to pull people out of poverty is to provide them with an education and child sponsorship is so effective because it provides more than a monetary solution. World Bank list education as one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. 

Child sponsorship gives you an opportunity to be a hero in life of a child in need. Your sponsorship helps underprivileged child transform her life, realize her dreams and contribute towards the future we all share.Your gift ensures they grow up healthy, educated and safe.

Experience a New Culture

Child sponsorship offers life-changing opportunities for sponsors to learn about your child’s Country, Community, Family and personal life.

Watch Your Child Grow

Donors will get the opportunity to follow their sponsored children develop and grow. You will be able to follow your child’s academic progress too through monthly reports, photos, short videos and hand-written letters from the child. You will witness firsthand how your sponsorship is transforming a life. You will also develop sustained relationship with your child by exchanging photos and writings.

Give a break to a vulnerable family

The communities and households we work with are very resilient. We have seen impoverished families bounce back after donors’ commitment to fund their children education. Your sponsorship will uplift a burdened family of school fees, uniforms and food for their child. This will give them a new meaning in life and they will rededicate themselves towards economic freedom