Quality education & healthcare in Kenya

The current state of education and healthcare systems is not even close to what an average Kenyan individual dreams about. The education is not accessible to a large portion of the Kenyan population, as well as high-quality medical service. Why is that still possible in 2020? Let’s figure it out together.

Modern education in Kenya

The educational system of Kenya consists of preschool, basic, and higher education. In fact, attending kindergarten is possible only for children of wealthy families since there are no public kindergartens in the country. The vast majority of them are private and too expensive for slum dwellers.

The basic education is offered through general education schools where children study for twelve years. Here, students get primary and secondary education in various subjects to prepare for life or enter the next educational level. Once they graduate from high schools, they can enroll in technical colleges or universities for professional training. In the case of colleges, students need to spend three years studying to get a degree, or four years if they get into universities. After graduating from colleges and universities, young Kenyans can join the labor market immediately.

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Although looking well at the first sight, contemporary education in Africa is not that good in reality. Public higher education establishments offer training for a fee and only a small portion of applicants can be granted free education. That is the reason why 38% of Kenyans nowadays are still illiterate: a lot of families cannot afford to educate their children on a prepaid basis. Another drawback of Kenyan higher education is that it does not meet the needs of the modern labor market. Oftentimes, young professionals and recent graduates cannot find a job since the knowledge they got during their university years is outdated or unnecessary for modern jobs.

Healthcare in Kenya

As for the health facilities and medical services in Kenya, things are even worse than in the education sphere. This is because of a small number of practicing doctors in the nation: the majority of the medical service workers is composed of nurses whose expertise is not enough for treating diseases, providing help during childbirth, etc. Thus, more than 50% of child deliveries take place without proper medical assistance and end in traumas of mothers and babies. to school going girls

At the same time, private healthcare is quite developed in the country. Yet it is not affordable for the majority of people due to price and distance (rural areas lack private healthcare facilities and patients need to travel to Nairobi and other big cities to get treatment there).

The result of such a poor state of healthcare is the life expectancy drop to 55 years, which is five years less than it was in 1990. Another outcome of conventional healthcare failure is the rising popularity of non-licensed healers and representatives of herbal medicine, witch doctors, etc. We can only imagine how many lives were lost due to the improper treatment conducted by these healers.

How does the current healthcare and education state correspond to Vision 2030?

Probably, you have heard a lot about Vision 2030 – the state development program that aims at increasing the living standards of Kenyan society until 2030. By implementing this roadmap, Kenya seeks to become a state as developed as Asian Economic Tigers in the next decade. To make it possible, the Vision 2030 program covered three pillars of development (political, economical, and social) that included the extensive building of new education and healthcare facilities.

WATER in Kenya

Donation of plastic water tanks to schools and health facilities

Constructions of rainwater harvesting systems, Constructions of Sand Dams

Drilling and installation of solar powered engines and piping of underground water to communities for irrigation