I have many friends, and many of them are working. Some are students while others are busy building businesses. All of them are my friends because they have some kind of motivation. I have not known why I’m in their friendship circles, but what I know is, you rarely hung around me if you know nothing to do with your tomorrow. Tomorrow is so special to me that I suffocate promising friendships just because of it. In short, I appreciate people who make efforts to doing something because they are driven by conviction that it can grow.

Building a successful enterprise needs a lot of patience, risks taking and energy among others. You’ve heard stories of persons who built multinationals bottom-up. The story will not normally end without describing their ages and traits. But more important is the answer to the question after that, “And what is driving you?” Often, our attractions towards reading these stories are the catchy headlines and use of language. The answer to this question in most cases is in past tense. Meaning, motivation comes before success.


Contrary to the last century, a good number of young people are running well performing and growing ventures. Despite high competition and the complexity of the industry each day, opportunities still exist for more young entrepreneurs to exploit. We only need to accommodate more flexible approaches that appreciate the communities around. CSR is becoming a necessity and young blood like Hesham Da Silva, Facebook Founder among many others are taking the philanthropy game to all time philanthropists.


Many young entrepreneurs are proving each moment their intent of creating a better future by inventing and innovating solutions. It’s critical that youth-led organizations like Hifadhi Africa champions the devolvement of issues like community service and mentorship at Primary and Secondary level, this way, we shall be churning a generation of social entrepreneurs. They exist, but they can be more.



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