Last week, our team and partnering organizations embarked on a journey from Nairobi to Remba Island in Lake Victoria via Nakuru, Kericho, Kisumu, Rusinga Island and beyond Mfangano Island. The mission was handing over of a multimillion water and sanitation (WASH) project that was funded by Rotary Foundation and Implemented by;
1. Rotary Club of Nakuru-The Great Rift Valley (District 9212, Kenya)
2. Rotary Club of Olympia-Wa-(District 5020, USA)

Enjoy the photo exhibitions

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Luanda K’otieno Ferry stage. Heading to Mbita in Rusinga Island where we spent day 1


Rotarians GPO Ogombe and Henry Jalanga and HAO Director Mr. Collins Nakedi aboard Ferry MV Mbita II

Day 2, our entranch proceeded from Mbita to Remba Island on boat. The team included Rtns. GPO. Ogombe, Henry Jalanga and Ben Lukania, our Driver, Allan and Collins Nakedi. Arriving at Remba Island after a scary journey-Rough waves.

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The Implementing Organization (Partners in Community Transformation) was also represented fully by Mr. Patrick and his colleague.

The Project entailed piping of water from lake Victoria to a purification system. A metre reading is placed to monitar water discharge from the Lake. Rtn. Benson Lukania (standing by) was the lead Project Engineer.

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The water was piped from the lake to the building housing purification system. The contaminated water from the Lake undergoes micro-purification to the level that they are good for human consumption. The clean, purified water is then piped to the upper tank, then the rest of the tanks before being piped to water shops/kiosks build near residential places where now people can fetch from. The payment is Ksh. 5 per 20 liters, overseen by water committee. The essence is to plug the collected monies back for the sustainability of the project after the handover. This means that the community, through their WASH Committee can afford to replace a broken spare part.

The purification systems. The room also double as meeting place for the WASH Committee. Elections are done in orderly manner and the monies are banked. Shown below is one of the water shops/kiosk where residence come to fetch water.

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Below is Rotarian GPO. Ogombe and Remba WASH committee member mixing concrete and cement for signage installation at the project compound.

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Handover meeting. Remba Island community were handed over the project after years of implementation. Eco San toilets were part of the project too. Given the rocky nature of the Island and the risk of digging underground, the team opted to construct Eco San toilets instead of pit latrines. The toilets do not need water flushing. After helping yourself, you instead use ashes (which is locally available from residential). The feces will then be collected from the openings painted black at the back. By painting it black, hot environment is created which discourages breeding of flies due to sun scorching. The waste will then left to dry before being burned to ashes.

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Rotarian Henry Jalanga taking Remba sustainability team on how the Eco san Toilets work and how to maintain them

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Remba WASH committee and our team on a joint photo session

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The rough waters of lake Victoria. On our way back after the handover.


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