Success Stories


1. Fully funded 10 high school scholarships for underprivileged bright students from East Pokot and Nairobi Slum areas.

2. Facilitated 3 University scholarships to underprivileged bright students to join United States International University (USIU-Africa) in Nairobi.

3. Deployed offline supported e-learning systems to 9 schools in Baringo, 5 in Eldoret and 1 Nairobi Counties both at Primary and Secondary levels, benefiting more than 4,500 students from underprivileged backgrounds who have never seen nor used computers before for study. The system transmits thousands of e-books to these rural poor schools.

4. Donated U.SD $1200 worth of text books to Nakoko Primary School with 150 students who had never sat for national exams for 45 years before.

5. Provided mentorship and holiday tutorials to 70 high school students living in Mukuru kwa Rueben Slum of Nairobi.

7. Awareness creation on embracement of education and the impacts of cultural traditions.


1. Donated a year supply of Sanitary Pads to 30 school going girls at Nginyang Girls and Barpello High Schools in East Pokot District, Baringo County.

2. Facilitated successful heart operation of baby Melvin who was born with a hole in his heart. The treatment was done in India courtesy of Chain of Hope-UK.

3. Conducting extensive Research on Healthcare service delivery in East Pokot


1. Distribution and donation of polyethylene water tanks to rural schools and dispensaries

2. Construction of rainwater harvesting systems.

3. Construction of Sand Dams

4. Training Communities on Rain harvesting skills