Focus Areas


  • Providing Sanitary Pads to school going girls,
  • Conducting Mobile Clinic outreach,
  • Conducting extensive Research on trachoma in East Pokot,
  • Establishing a Community-Based Health Centre, and
  • Linking heart patients to other organizations for support and treatment


  • Sponsoring poor bright students to further their high school or/and university education,
  • Deploying offline supported technologies like Raspberry Pi and Rachel to enhance performances in remote schools,
  • Setting up educational facilities in communities without such infrastructure,
  • Providing mentorship programs to school going children, and
  • Community outreach/awareness on impacts of cultural traditions in childhood education


  • Donation of plastic water tanks to schools and health facilities,
  • Constructions of rainwater harvesting systems,
  • Constructions of Sand Dams,
  • Drilling and installation of solar powered engines and piping of underground water to communities for irrigation, humans and livestock consumption,
  • Training local communities on rainwater harvesting skills, and
  • Supporting irrigation schemes for food production in arid pastoral areas