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Hifadhi Africa is an Organization which was established on the conviction that the future can be better and better for everyone. Our believe is that everybody has a unique potential to achieve greatness and the uniqueness in what each one of us is blessed with, or simply the diversity of our potential is the reason human beings need to collaborate and support each other. Extension of a helping hand to our fellows to make them realize their dream is what will eventually liberate us all. It is the start of a better World that we’re all dreaming of.

For this reason, our Organization has since teamed up with other institutions and individuals with extreme passion for this call. We smell capable and visionary people and together try to build something that will eventually result in our goal of transformation of lives. And the first time I met the late Jerry Isaac Mruma, I knew he was destined for greatness. He had the zeal to impact his world. I noted him down.

The growth of a vision

It took me quite a while to strike a conversation with the charismatic Founder and Leader of Kilimo Yetu, an agribusiness investment Venture that was to transform the face of Agriculture in East Africa. Kilimo Yetu was to make Agriculture, besides being a blue collar sector, cool. Jerry had shown seriousness in meandering through that journey, which would have eventually, according to his words, created the next sort after Africans.

I used to see him around Campus always on his white earphones. I was drawn to his receptive smile, long hair and composure. Each step he took while walking was authoritative. I also liked how he made his admirers believed that he was a quiet soul. And I believed that!

Years later, I made a fired up Jerry while campaigning for SAC. I had stopped voting and altogether attending SAC activities before that, so I did not cast my vote that year. Despite that, he had won my admiration on how he sourced for votes and the cultic influence in which he left after the dust had settled. Then we met again outside SAC and he informed me that contrary to my thinking that he was from Mombasa, he was actually a Tanzanian. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I congratulated him for his election.   

One chilly Sunday, after a meeting with Charles Mwakio at his place, we made a call to Isaac regarding my intention to invite him for an Outreach Mission to East Pokot, Baringo County courtesy of Hifadhi Africa Organization. We were also to attend a Health sector stakeholders’ meeting at Chemolingot Trading Centre. Within a blink of an eye, he accepted our request. Since then, Jerry became a stung follower and believer of Hifadhi Africa. I wasn’t surprised by how we moved audience that included attendees from USAID, ACTED Kenya, MCHIP, RED CROSS, AMREF, APHIA PLUS among many others during our presentation. We had a team that believed in our Vision. The ring leader was Mohammed Ali, deputized by Joshua Bett.


Upon our return, Jerry took it his business to preach the importance of what HAO stands for and why it is a brilliant vision, conceived at the right time when the Kenyan Government is envisioning a better future for each Kenyan by year 2030. He believed in the capability of the team and he was a constant motivator.

While working with us, Jerry was also engaged in building a monster in Kilimo Yetu. He had become aggressive in his approaches and confident enough to tackle new challenges. There was always a way that Jerry manipulated his intelligence to come up with a solution. He was not quite anymore, but he kept listening a lot. Then we met at USIU main gate where he handed me his business card with an interesting LOGO. He told me, “Bro, you are doing a brilliant thing. Just keep doing it. The World will know one time”.  Jerry was never afraid to support another person’s dream while building his own. He saw no problem dragging people along with him, to success.

He became so synonymous with me that I put him as our referee for a proposal paper I was working on. Then I picked my phone to inform him but it was off. Charles would later tell me that he was missing. His demise was painful, but more paining was how we left many things pending. He had put so much dedication to see his dream come true, but he was no longer there to materialize that. Beyond Kilimo Yetu, there was to be Jerry Isaac Leadership Centre. He was a charming entrepreneur and believer of the same.

The great man I’ve always known. Hello Jerry!”  

That was my last comment on face book to Jerry. I thank God that I got the opportunity to appreciate him while he was alive, and he like that comment. Beyond the mourning and the feeling of loss, we at HAO decided to dedicate a Memorial Trust Fund, spearheaded by his right wing man, Mohammed Ali after him. The JERRY ISAAC FUND (JIF) shall be the Theatre of dreams where young leaders are created. The Director was informing us his plans to ensure that Jerry followers always feel his presence through this Institution.

Our hope is to have a Jerry Isaac Scholar join Harvard Business School ten years from now.  


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