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Women & Girls Empowerment

Many people around the world don’t have control over important choices that affect their daily lives, like where they live and how they live. Particularly, women and girls struggle to advocate for their rights and make their voices heard. Their struggles are worsened by harmful traditions and practices, crises such as natural disasters and conflicts.

If women and girls do not have the control to make important decisions, they will struggle to improve their lives and that of their families and society at large. HAO helps women and girls understand their rights and make informed choices for their future through targeted education and skills training support for survivors of harmful traditions and practices. We also advocate for the elimination of harmful traditions and practices against women and girls such as FGM/C, early and forced marriages.

  • We empower women and girls to advocate for the changes that will improve their lives;
  • We support programs that work to ensure that women, girls and marginalized groups have equal access to social and economic choices as dominant groups;
  • We work with county and national governments as well as non-state actors to make sure that policies and practices serve all people equally.