We pride in shouldering societal challenges

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

For the 2 billion people living in poverty, access to water changes everything. Water is survival, health, education, food, opportunity and hope. People need access to water, not only for drinking, but for a multitude of everyday use. Hifadhi Africa’s work is to listen to communities to find the solutions that work best for them. In the drylands of Kenya, that solution usually involves cost-effective ways of keeping a clean source of water close to people’s homes.


This changes everything. With the time saved from collecting water, people can invest in farming; growing enough food to eat store and sell. Children, freed from the burden of collecting dirty water from distant sources, can improve their health and attend school. Surplus crops can be sold to earn an income which can be invested in families – creating a future of health, opportunity and hope. Water changes everything.

Our WaSH team helps in providing access to clean water by:

  • Donation of plastic water tanks to schools and health facilities.
  • Constructions of rainwater harvesting systems
  • Drilling, Installation and Repairing Boreholes
  • Constructions of Sand Dams