Collins Nakedi

Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Collins Nakedi is the Co-Founder and Director of Hifadhi Africa Organization. Collins was born and raised in East Pokot, a Pastoral community with 4% literacy rate and his parents had no means to provide financial support towards his education. He overcame tremendous obstacles to graduate in 2013 from the prestigious U.S International University-Africa and continued his rise to becoming a mentor and leader among young Kenyans. Collins authored, “Leap of Hope”- A biography inspiring young people across the world to take charge of their destinies. Leap of Hope can be electronically purchased on

In 2015, he was selected from 50,000 applicants from Sub-Saharan Africa for the President Obama initiative, Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), to study Civic Leadership programs at Arizona State University and a professional development attachment at Microsoft. Collins was fated in 2015 as Top 40 influential Kenyans under 40. Collins has also been featured on several platforms including Forbes Magazine and United Nations headquarters in Geneva for his empowerment work.

Jovenal Nsengimana

Co-Founder and Director

Jovenal Nsengimana is a Co-Founder and Director of Hifadhi Africa Organization, a non-profit which is dedicated to promoting access to quality education, healthcare, water, livelihood and youth empowerment support for the vulnerable persons. Previously, Jovenal worked with United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for nearly four years in ensuring international protection and assistance for refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda. Jovenal completed his Master of Philosophy in Human Rights Law from University of Cape Town, South Africa as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar in the class of 2017. Jovenal holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from United States International University, Nairobi Kenya where he graduated with an Outstanding Community Services Award in 2013. He is the Past President of Rotaract Club of United States International University (USIU).

Charles Mwakio

Co-Founder and Director

Charles Mwakio is a Co-Founder and Director at Hifadhi Africa Organization. He brings on board various skills set from his experience in business, leadership and public speaking. Charles works closely with the administration team and oversees the brand development, communication and digital platforms of the organization. Charles draws his career experience from his extensive years as a Corporate Skills Trainer, Professional Speaker and Master of Ceremonies. He is an Alumnus of the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central and holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration – Marketing class of 2012 from United States International University – Africa.

Tumaini John

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Officer

John has over 5 years experience in Water Sanitation and Hygiene management that covers Integrated water resources management, community led total sanitation, water quality management, water co-operation and diplomacy and water conflicts management. John is a certified WASH professional from Belgium based Young Water Solutions International. John is the WASH Program Officer. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce (B-Com) from Kenyatta University. Under his leadership, Hifadhi Africa Organization has partnered with Rotary International as the cooperating organization in Kenya since 2014 to implement USD 200,000 worth of District Community Grants, Community Grants and Global Grants. His interaction with TRF, RI and individual rotarians has seen several high-impact projects executed in Kenya. Recently, in November 2017 John was selected out of over 80,000 applicants for the Young water fellowship program in Belgium Europe due to his excellent involvement in aiding the poor in Kenyan Sums and poor communities with WASH projects. He is the sitting Chairperson of the Young Water Solutions 2017-2022 cohorts. John’s Knowledge on the working of RI Grants is an important support system to local and international clubs projects.

Kevin Losute

Finance & Administrative Officer

Kevin Losute is the finance and administrative Officer at Hifadhi Africa Organization. Kevin is responsible for the finance and administration functions including advising the Directors, the Board of directors and management on strategic financial performance of the organization. He holds BBA (Accounting option) and also he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Kenya Methodist University. Kevin has successfully coordinated a STEM training at Taita Taveta County involving teachers from Baringo and Taita Taveta Counties who underwent training undertaken by teachers from Seattle, United States. He is also responsible for sound management systems and awareness on resource allocation, cost reduction and financial discipline at HAO.

Naomi Muindi

Education, Health & Livelihood Officer

Naomi has over 3 years of experience in community development work that spans health, livelihood and resilience, education, food security and aid development. She graduated with a degree in Analytical Chemistry. Owing to her passion for social change, she decided to change her career path. She currently works as an Education and Livelihood Program Officer at Hifadhi Africa Organization. She oversees the delivery of programs’ output and results through planning, designing, implementing and evaluating. She monitors local needs and trends to stay current on education and livelihood policies and new research and maintain a knowledge base for relevant program areas in Kenya. She also screen community development plans against climate risks variability and assess them in the light of climate change projections and impacts. She identify and design means of mitigating adverse impacts of climate change on rural livelihoods and ensure programs meet with standards and quality of performance. Due to the great work she has done in the Pokot community, she was selected among 26 people in the world as a Dalai Lama Fellow 2018 and among 700 people in Africa as a Mandela Washington Fellow 2019. She has spearheaded numerous projects with Hifadhi Africa including Adopt-an-Animal Program, construction of a community resource center and library, introduction of a farming project in Naudo village, distribution of reading materials in rural schools in East Pokot, offering scholarships to needy students in East Pokot region and distribution of relief food to famine affected families. Naomi is an advocate for education, especially for girls living in underserved communities in Kenya. She has a great passion for addressing some of Africa’s biggest problems and working to find solutions through education and enhancing resilience of underserved communities.

Margaret Wambui

Communications Officer

Margaret Wambui is a communications officer of hifadhi Africa Organization, a non-profit which is dedicated to promoting access to quality education, healthcare, water, livelihood and youth empowerment support for the vulnerable persons. Previously, Margaret worked at Africa 24 media (a24 media) for four years, writing and reporting documentaries and feature stories across the African continent. Margaret holds a B.A in Mass Communication and Journalism with a major in Broadcast Journalism from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Margaret is also a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI RLC EAST AFRICA) alumnus.

Hamisa Yusuf

Assistant Communications Officer

Hamisa Yusuf is communications department assistant officer at Hifadhi Africa Organization. Hamisa is responsible for the communications departments’ day to day activities including: handling social media platforms and communicating internally and externally on strategic communication performance of the organization. Hamisa completed her Bachelors of Arts in Development Studies from Mount Kenya University and also she holds a diploma in Mass Communications and Journalism from Mount Kenya University.

Allan Wafula

Creative Designer

Allan Wafula is responsible for all activities which require creativity. Allan manages the Organization’s website and also communicates the organization’s projects and stories on the social media pages. He holds a BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology) and  a Certificate in Computer Aided Design from Kenya Institute of Professional Studies. Allan is also a (CPA) Certified Public Accountant student.