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Livelihoods & Resilience

Livelihood and Resilience Program works to create sustainable livelihoods and food security that can cope with, and recover from natural disasters and their effects; Sustain and improve their wellbeing. We help families escape the cycle of poverty and become more resilient through a range of interventions like farming, vocational trainings and impacting youth, women and girls with the skills they need to earn a sustainable income and sustain their livelihoods. We support community to diversify their livelihoods.


Successful livelihood and resilience program interventions result into both economic and non-economic benefits including improved community well-being, greater income, improved access to social services such as education, water and healthcare; reduced vulnerability to harsh climatic conditions such as prolonged droughts; improved food security and sustainable use of natural resources.

The lack of post-primary education opportunities is also one of major challenges population in Marsabit and in East Pokot, Baringo Counties face in Kenya. To help them earn a living, our livelihood and resilience teams:

  • Support communities to access agricultural tools and seeds.
  • Support communities to access farm irrigation technologies
  • Offer vocational skills development for young adults with self-employment and diversified livelihood options.
  • Provide targeted support for groups and most vulnerable families with various enterprises such as goat rearing and grinding mill machines for income generation.