Educational Empowerment


Educational Empowerment

Take a moment and imagine a boy who was born and grew up in the harshest and intolerant arid areas in the remote parts of Northern Kenya. His young parents struggled to see him through Primary school despite missing on those chances themselves while they were young. Luckily, the boy was bright and always did his best to achieve excellence in class. The momentum was almost disrupted at high school level but determination, hunger for education and motivation from his parents came in handy and later he graduated from United States International United-Africa (USIU-A) with B.A in International Relations (IR), under assistance from well-wishers and Financial Aid from USIU-A. He’s now MA. IR Graduate class of 2013. That boy, the author of this article, is the Director of JERRY ISAAC FUND-An initiative of Hifadhi Africa that offers Scholarships to bright unprivileged students in memory of Jerry Isaac Mruma. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mohammed Ali.

Now think about hundreds of children in this regions who were not fortunate like me and are either stuck in their quest for education or are in the brink of missing entirely on the chances to access education because there are no educational facilities or fees. When they grow up, poverty level and unemployment may subject them to joining militia groups and cattle rustling due to pessimism and probably turn to seek revenge against those according to them, were responsible for their plight (including the government), because education is a right to every child in this Country. The lack to provide or invest in the EDUCATION of our children is the reason for the sorrowful state of health and living standards in our societies. This is where Hifadhi Africa comes in handy as a solution by providing scholarships to such children so that they may realize their potential like me. By supporting HIFADHI AFRICA ORGANIZATION, you will be contributing towards transformation of lives in Baringo, Marsabit and Nairobi Counties. According to statistics, the people of these areas may not realize the promise of “High quality life” to all Kenyans as entrenched in both the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and vision 2030 which is actually merely 16 years from now.



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  1. Collins Nakedi :

    This Organization is a great institution run by great young people who are on noble course. I’m deeply touched by your article. I’m proud to be part of it. God bless you.