I would wish to take you, my reader through a journey, a process of Hifadhi Africa Organization’s achievements and stakes ahead. In respect to our celebration of 8 months of existence, our experience has been exciting and one with a lot of notes to take, as a family and individually. Of interest are the opportunities that our involvement has presented.

To start with, we have a growing team of twelve visionary, proactive professionals who believe in the power of IMPACT and CHANGE. To us, those words are irreplaceable. For that reason, we’ve dedicated our efforts, time and resources towards the same-Impacting Lives. We Transform Societies for Prosperity.

Our Organization believes that education is the start of human empowerment. Education enables people to appreciate other cultures, environment, gender and races that might be in one way different from theirs or what they were used to. Though we do not dismiss the importance of other aspects of life, knowledge aid self-awareness and self-hygiene which in turn creates a vibrant and civilized society we hanker for. That is the reason, ladies and gentlemen as to why we strive to offer “sustainable equal educational opportunities” supported by other pillars and strategies outlined by the team.

Our approach is simple. For Africa to stand on its feet, Africans must shoulder responsibility. We must be in the frontline and sacrifice more. We must champion innovation-breakthroughs and participate in issues that will lead to essential transformation of our dear continent. Africans, both leaders and their followers, must collaborate with the rest of the World to build a just society. Wearing a sorry face and always expecting without making enough effort has not worked in the last fifty years.

The Organization has so far sponsored FOUR bright unprivileged students from pastoral communities in the northern Kenya. Through Hifadhi Africa Scholarship Program and Jerry Isaac Memorial Fund teams, we intend to mentor, nurture and churn a generation of great young Africans. By championing and supporting embracement of education in seemingly marginalized communities, we are preparing a Kenya envisioned in the Vision 2030 where high quality life to all is a promise. Our target, through your support is giving 20 full scholarships annually to potentially tomorrow’s trend setters.

The team has also registered great successes on various fronts including conducting events and more importantly establishing the house and creating the fan base and followership that we now enjoy. These milestones have been made with our fans moral support.

HAO has just started and our table is ever full. Our intent is to transform education sector in Africa. We want Fred, Halima, Antony and Sharon to be taking their University lessons while herding. We are envisioning systems that enables our interaction with youth in Namibia and Cairo without physical contact. We shall then pride in being the link between societies and prosperity.


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